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What Makes Us Good?

 We transform complex concepts into powerful visuals.

At KJH Studios, we excel at distilling complex ideas, events, and messages into easily consumable visuals that drive action and increase understanding. How? We work closely with our clients during each phase of the work and carefully consider each and every aspect of the medium and the message.

As we collaborate with our clients to execute the visual image of their brand or project, we maintain an unrelenting focus on quality. When you work with us, you have creative partners who join you in the thick of things, creatively and literally.

The KJH team excels in the places where most creatives slow down. You’ll find us running next to your team through challenging terrain, in the water during your night training or in the field catching the action. That being said, we are also more than capable of suiting up to capture your in home lifestyle or office imagery. We go to the places that best tell your story in captivating ways, whether that’s in a jungle or the boardroom. KJH Studios is a team of professional creators, storytellers, and problem solvers... and we can’t wait to meet you.

Looking for a beautiful place to create? Our Pittsburgh based studio space is the perfect solution. We're happy to host you and your team.


Kristi Jan Hoover is the KJH in KJH Studios. She is the Owner, CEO, Primary Photographer and Director of Photography. This is her passion. The people that she meets, learning their stories and the adventures along the way are what truly excites her. Kristi's work is inspired by her interest in the human condition - how we live, our passions, motivations, and desires.

In addition to running a successful studio, her art has shown in numerous galleries and is part of both private and public collections. In 2019, she was named one of Pittsburgh’s 7 Best Fine Art Photographers by Peerspace.

Kristi was born and raised in the rural coal mining town of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. She completed her Bachelor of Arts, graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, as a double major in Studio Arts and the History of Art and Architecture. She then earned her teaching certification in Art Education at Carlow University. She began her adventures in photography in 2008, when she met her mentor, Richard Kelly.